Transmission, Suspension & Steering


Christmas Trading Hours

Southeast Auto Mechanical would like to advise our customers of our special Christmas Trading Hours. Please book in early to avoid the rush.

Closed from Thursday 24th December 2020 and reopening on Monday 11th January 2021.

CV Joint & Boot Servicing

The constant velocity joint, or CV joint, connects your transmission to your wheels. When working properly this part ensures a smooth and constant rotation of the wheels while you are turning corners, ensuring a comfortable and safe ride. If there are issues such as a cracked or torn boot or not enough high pressure grease, then the CV joint can fail...

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Power Steering Repairs

If everyone had to drive their vehicle without power steering we would all get places slower as the response time in the steering wheel would be slower and require more manpower. Thankfully, unless you are experiencing power steering issues, you do not have to feel like driving through mud. For repairs and regular maintenance in Brisbane, call us at Southeast Auto!

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Suspension & Shock Absorber Servicing

The suspension and shock absorbers are not just there to give you a smooth ride, they are integral for the correct operation of these three critical capabilities, therefore keeping you, your passengers and other road users safe. Regular servicing and maintenance can help to prevent problems, but if you notice anything amiss, contact us ASAP to get it checked out.

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It's essential to keep your car's transmission working properly whether it’s a manual or an automatic. We can perform Transmission Service on your car right here in Beenleigh – Call us today for a quote!

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