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There are many reasons to switch your car over to LPG gas, but as beneficial as it can be, you want to find a fully qualified and experienced mechanic to do the job otherwise you could be faced with costly problems further down the track.

South East Auto is a fully qualified mechanic and a member of Repco's independent authorised network of approved auto service centres. We can handle your LPG installation & conversions as well as ongoing LPG repairs and maintenance. Our workshop is located in Beenleigh.

 Gas Work Authorisation A1512 

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The important parts involved in an LPG installation include;

  • Fuel switch - switches between fuel types
  • Electrical connections - brings power to the parts that make up the LPG system
  • Solenoid Valve - cuts of flow of LPG when car is running petrol
  • Vaporiser - turns LPG into gas using heat from the car's engine
  • Mixer - controls the amount of LPG flowing in the engine
  • Emulator - prevents errors produced by the lack of fuel injectors in the LPG system
  • Multivalve - manages the tank filling so gas can't escape once it goes in
  • Tank - holds the LPG
  • Filling Point - point to attach the nozzle from the LPG pump at the petrol station

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