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For Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) problems in the Beenleigh and Brisbane areas, bring your car into the South East Auto workshop. We provide a high quality service every time - you won't be disappointed.

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Service should take place when a car does not run at its full capacity or its fuel consumption increases. Over time, carbon deposits form on the engine valves thus causing a decline in fuel economy and performance. Fuel additives cannot take care of the situation because they only clean the fuel injectors. They do not have the concentration needed to clean off the carbon build up found in more important areas. Any improvements that you experience are only temporary so do not put a lot of emphasis on it. 

An extensive clean up exercise is meant to clean the catalytic converter, the fuel and intake systems, the engine valves and the combustion chambers. Qualified professionals know which equipment to use in order to achieve the desired results. When a driver notices the following signs then it is time for them to contact the relevant professionals; an intermitting vehicle, poor fuel consumption, trouble starting the engine and poor performance.

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When to take the car for servicing

Someone does not have to wait until their car displays a system's failure in order to take it for repair. It is advisable for a vehicle to be taken for Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Service with every 25,00 km it covers. When a professional services the vehicle, the driver will notice a difference in its performance and fuel consumption. In case you want to install an alarm in your car make sure that it comes from a reputable brand. The alarm should be installed by authorised dealers so that it does not interfere with the ECU's performance.

A blocked injector or dirty fuel is the major causes of EFI problems but they are not the only ones. If the problem is deeper than a blockage an advanced diagnostic test is done to determine what the problem is. A person who takes their vehicle for system cleaning regularly enjoys peak performance. Tune up and servicing a vehicle is maintenance and does not involve the repair of faults within the EFI system. Mention any faults or problems that the car may be experiencing when you take it for servicing. Our workshop in Beenleigh is full equipped with the latest diagnostic testing equipment, and combined with the expert knowledge of our mechanics, we'll have your EFI problems diagnosed and fixed in no time. 

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