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Christmas Trading Hours

Southeast Auto Mechanical would like to advise our customers of our special Christmas Trading Hours. Please book in early to avoid the rush.

Closed from Thursday 24th December 2020 and reopening on Monday 11th January 2021.

When driving through Beenleigh, Brisbane if your clutch starts to vibrate, catch or squeal, you need a mechanic. The right team has the tools, talent and track record to get the job done right the first time. Don't worry about being stuck on the road, contact us and we will help you get back into gear with our premium clutch replacement & overhaul services.


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Benefits of Working with Southeast Auto Mechanical

We are your locally owned and operated mechanic in Beenleigh. Additionally, we are backed by the Repco Nationwide Warranty. As a local company with a big brand behind us you can rest assured that our team is the best in the business. Some of the benefits of our network connection with Repco include:


  • Connected with the Repco Authorised Service Centre Network
  • Ongoing training for all mechanics 
  • Service bulletins about the latest diagnostic information
  • Access to the spare parts network


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Our Services

  • Clutch overhauls
  • External Clutch Adjustment
  • Repair Clutch Plate
  • Repair Clutch Disc
  • Replace Flywheel
  • Refill Hydraulic Fluids
  • Expose Automatic Transmission Errors
  • Expose Manual Transmission Errors
  • Replace Clutch Master Cylinder
  • Replace Burnt Clutches
  • Replacement Pilot Bearings



Clutch Service FAQ's

Knowing what is involved with a manual or automatic transmission makes it easier for vehicle owners to care for their clutch. To get you in gear, here are your answers to some common clutch questions.

What are the parts of a clutch?

Connecting the engine to the transmission is a flywheel and clutch plate. The clutch pedal engages the clutch disc and the friction of the spinning clutch plate and spinning flywheel make the engine spin. 

How can I tell if I am having clutch issues?

When you first turn the car on stay in neutral and listen for a quiet purring. As you begin to shift into gear if there is a popping, chirping or vibration then you may need clutch service. 

What is a common cause of clutch wear?

The clutch needs to have enough fabric between the flywheel and the clutch disc in order for them both to spin at the same speed and operate properly. If the friction material is worn the rotations will be off. Popping clutches or riding the clutch can cause wear. 


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